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Works with the fascial soft tissues of the body to realign your system and to make peace with gravity. It aims to reorganise your posture around your midline and improve your movement. This, many times results in the optimization of function and the disappearing of chronic pain symptoms. 


Reeducation of movement by improving your sensory input. It enhances proprioception and integrates the neuromuscular system enhancing functionality and ease of movement. As Structural Integration, it can resolve chronic ailments by improving organisation and function. It includes two approaches: ATM classes (Awareness Through Movement) taking place in a group on a mat on the floor and FI (Functional Integration) individual hands-on work.


This is a system of working with the viscera developed by Jean Pierre Barral and others. It is a very gentle and effective approach to deal with organ issues but also with musculo-skeletal problems that can be related to organs.


Some of the techniques that are used in rolfing or structural integration. They address the fascia/connective tissue. It has been associated with being a very painful therapy and this is something that always depends on the therapist's approach. My belief is it doesn't need to be painful to work. It just needs to be slow and precise!
It is very effective in inviting more range of motion in joints, more flexibility and more hydration of the soft tissues. 

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REFLEXOLOGY. Based on the idea that the feet contain the reflex points for all the organs in the body, reflexology combined with foot massage is one of the most relaxing holistic therapies.

LYMPHATIC MASSAGE. Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage (MLD) aims at stimulating the movement of lymph along the lymphatic vessels. This has many beneficial effects such as improving areas of congestion or retention of fluids, improving the immune system and improving the blood circulation. It involves a very gentle tecnique of pushing and pumping the fluids in the body.

HOLISTIC MASSAGE. It aims at the general relaxation of the person. It generally uses more oil than the deep tissue and therefore it works on the superficial layers.

REMEDIAL/SPORTS MASSAGE. It not only treats sports people or sports injuries. Occupational injuries such as RSI are successfully treated with Remedial/sports massage techniques. Some of these include trigger point therapy, positional release techniques, soft tissue release techniques, muscle energy techniques, etc.


Developed by Samuel Hahnemann, homeopathy  is a complete system  of alternative medicine based on the doctrine of vitalism. The remedies are highly diluted and succussed. Highly controversial and critisized, this method uses medicines that in many cases do not contain a material amount of the medicinal agent.  Its been called "energy medicine".  In my own experience, nothing works for everyone and nothing works all the time. I have seen homeopathy working wonders many times and at other times having no effect. I believe firmly that it is definitely worthwhile to try it out.                                                                                                                                 Nowadays I don't treat patients constitutionally with homeopthy. I use homeopathic remedies to help with musculo-skeletal issues as an aid to my hands-on work.

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