Welcome to a calm, safe and comfortable space to enjoy and benefit from a bespoke manual therapy treatment in North London. Formerly, massageSpace.

After being a manual therapist for the last 20 years and exploring different approaches to health, my work nowadays is mainly rooted in Rolfing Structural Integration and deeply influenced by the Feldenkrais Method.

Major components are myofascial work and neuromuscular re-education to invite the system to re-align itself and encourage optimum posture and optimum functionality.

Some of my clients come with specific conditions such as headaches, tinnitus, sciatica, plantar fasciitis, repetitive strain syndrome (RSI), scar tissue or adhesions as a result from past injuries or surgery, sports or occupational injuries, etc., some want to improve  the way they move, some come with general stiffness and tightness and want to feel better in themeselves, some others come because they feel quality bodywork is an invaluable investment in their general health for the near and the far future.

While I can not promise you that I will be able to help you, I can certainly promise you that I will try my best by putting all my experience, good will and personal integrity at your service.

If unsure whether I have experience addressing your particular issue, contact me or take a look at the Testimonials page.

About the pictures on the website:

Pictures by Athos Demosthenous, Marta Comas, Deniz Altindas and Raw Pixel.

Wonderful drawing by Rafael Araujo called Nautilus working with the Golden Ratio. See in the Feldenkrais page