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Online Somatic Movement Classes


Classes last aproximately 60 to 70 min.

I started teaching these Somatic Online classes during the first UK lockdown  to keep connected to my clients and to somehow contribute to a more mindful and embodied world. Happy that now, almost 2 years later they are still happening!

They mainly draw from my Feldenkrais and Rolfing trainings but I guess there are also some ingredients from my other studies and practices over the years such as hypnotherapy and NLP, pilates, Somatics, Vipassana meditation, etc.

The theme is different everytime, but they are always gentle and easy to follow. You might be surprised at how powerful and effective they are at reorganising and calming your nervous system. Most people end up feeling more present within themselves, more connected, more coordinated, more balanced, more able to move in easier ways and more comfortable within their own bodies.. 

You will only need yourself and a Zoom link. Come and try it out!

New classes starting 29th October 2022. 



First class is FREE!!!

This series of 6 classes will focus on strengthening the knees and finding a healthier alignment.

We will follow different somatic exercises and engage in somatic explorations to re-establish the connections and relationships of the knees with the rest of the body, especially ankles and hips.

The classes will build on each other, so it is advisable to come to the whole series. However, they can also be attended. as a stand-alone so you can come to single classes if you wish. 

You will have access to the video recordings for a whole year.

Please let me know here if you want to enrol or have any questions.

Whole series of 6 classes:  £75

Drop-in fee: £13

Payments are via bank transfer if you are based in the Uk and If you live abroad you can pay via bank transfer also or via Paypal if you prefer.


Move slowly, with small movements and at all times within an easy, comfortable range. Everything we do should feel comfortable and pain free. Remember we are not working with muscles or soft tissue, we are not strengthening or stretching. We are working with the brain, with the nervous system, re-organising patterns of movement. So, the better it feels, the better the results! :)

Note: Please be aware that I cannot see you on the screen as well as I would if we were in the same room, so by participating in this class or listening to the audio you are taking full responsibility for your own wellbeing. Make sure that everything feels good and that you enjoy the class! :)

You will need:

- Your enthusiasm and curiosity 

- Comfortable and warm clothing

- A place with a mat or blanket to lie on the floor

- 2 or 3 folded towels as a support for the head (cushions would be too soft)

- Any other extra support that you might feel you need (I.e. Pillow/bolster under your knees, etc...)

- For some classes we will use a chair or stool with a more or less firm surface. But I would let you know beforehand!


A series of 6 classes is £60, including the video recordings.  If you are going through financial difficulties, please get in touch.

If you are not in the UK you can pay via paypal: 

If you are in the UK please ask me for  my bank details.

Some Testimonials

*** "The Somatic Movement classes have had a tremendous impact on my posture and overall well being. Each session opens up new possibilities, a different part of my body and nervous system comes 'online'. This happens every single time, no doubt due to Marta's deep understanding of the human body and her care, compassion and humanity that radiate from her every expression.                                                                                                                  The benefits for me have been two-fold - the immediate experience of 'ooh, this is how I can feel, this is how I can move my body, this is how my body actually wants or needs to move'. In my head, I always follow this with 'why has nobody told me that I can move or feel this way?'...
  The other life-changing impact of the sessions is in translating them to everyday life, to the way I move and perceive myself and ultimately the world around me. I do feel that without Marta's guidance, this journey would have been a much rockier one."      

Adriana Lukas  

*** "I have been suffering from lower back pain and sciatica for a long time. I can't say that my pain is totally gone but after doing these classes regularly I definitely feel much less pain and much more flexibility and I can do things that I have not been able to do for a long time. And they are also very relaxing!"                                        

Laura Rivas  

*** "I have immensely enjoyed doing Marta’s online classes for the last 2 years or so since she started.                                                                                              Her genuine interest and passion for what she teaches shines through during every session and is infectious, creating a genuine enthusiasm in myself to understand what she is conveying and to explore via the movements she guides the class through.   I am somebody who has done extensive physical training throughout my life and this has resulted in definite patterns of movement and ways of using my body, along with restrictions, tightness and injuries that commonly manifest as a result of the lifestyle I have led.                                                               Participating in Marta’s classes has enabled me to identify many areas of restriction and tension and release them. I’ve also found that becoming aware of these things has allowed me to work on changing them by paying attention in every day life. I feel I have become more effective and efficient in the various activities I do, which has increased my enjoyment when doing them."                                                          

Alex Demosthenous          

*** "The Somatic Movement classes are innovative, informative and they always feed my curiosity. I enjoy these weekly explorations as they help me to connect with the patterns, restrictions, eaze and pleasure in my body. Every class is diffrent but the outcome is usually the same which for me is a sense of calm, greater connection between different parts, sometimes new discoveries and insights about how I move, less restrictions and tension in some parts of my body and an overall feeling of being in one piece"
Alicja Wirkus 




This is a series of 5 Somatic classes recorded live.

There is a short demostration at the end of the classes of the movements,

This series aims at decreasing levels of tension and stress, both physical and mental/emotional.

Each class addresses a different area of the body where most of us tend to accumulate excess tension (shoulders/neck, jaw,/tongue, ribs, diaphragm, hips and back)

It is a quiet and relaxing series to slow down and enjoy new insights lying on the floor.

The whole series of 5 classes cost £75 and the video recordings will be avaiable for a whole year

Let me know if you would like to purchase it here.


Mobility for Wellbeing Series: From Lying Down to Standing Up


The Mobility for Wellbeing series consists on 5  classes that run from the 17th September 2022 until the 15th October 2022.

In this series I am doing the movements as i teach the class.

Some of my favourite classes to engage in yummy movements that not only feel great but are also super effective at keeping the joints well-oiled and the whole system coordinated.

The 5 classes build on each other and follow a logical progression.

The whole series of 5 classes cost £75 and you will have access to them for a whole year.

Please contact me via email here.  if you would like to purchase it or need more info.


This is a series of 6 classes that includes a theoretical introduction to different related themes followed by a somatic movement sequence that will result in a better organisation of your neck and shoullders within the whole.

A very helpful series for those that suffer from aches, tension and related conditions and also for those that would like simply to improve movement and posture in general.

The series of 6 classes costs £90. You will have access to the video recordings for a whole year.

Please contact me via email here if you would like to purchase it or need more info.


This is a series of 5 classes designed to increase the mobility and functioning of your hips together with your back and rest of the body.

Easy to follow lying on the floor, these classes are accessible to all ages and abilities and no previous experience of the Somatic method is expected.

Classes build on each other but can also be done individually.

The whole series of 5 classes costs £75. You will have access to the video recordings for a whole year.

Please contact me via email here if you would like to purchase it or need more info.

This is a great series if you would like to engage in a gentle but effective program to improve the health of your back and the relationships with the rest of the body. You will benefit from better coordination, mobility, and understanding at the same time you will feel calm and relaxed.

These 10 videos were recorded during our live online course Healthy Backs at the end of 2021. 

No previous experience of the Somatic method is expected and all ages and abilities are welcomed.

The cost for the whole series of 10 classes is £150 and you will have access to the video recordings for a whole year.

Please contact me via email here if you would like to purchase it or need more info.




Delighted to be participating in this year 's Feldenkrais Summit with fantastic teachers from all over the world.

Pay here with Paypal for a class

Somatic Movement Class Audios