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I don't use routines

Many of us have had the experience of receiving a massage or a physical therapy session and feeling that the therapist was not really present, or that there was a lack of clear meaning or intention. The way I like to work is by listening first to you and then to your body's needs and responding to them with focus. My treatment will be tailored and specific to your needs and it is a pleasure for me to see how most of my clients realise and appreciate this. See testimonials

I don't believe in pain
We commonly say in the touch world that there are two types of pain, the good and the bad. The 'good' is actually not a pain because it feels good, it feels that it is releasing discomfort or giving relief in some way. When bodywork is too fast and without enough sensitivity,  this good pain can become a bad pain. The 'bad pain' feels unpleasant and often it is the result of working too deeply, too soon. and too fast. I encourage clients to stop me if this ever happens. This is because the sensation of 'bad pain' forces the system into a contracting, recoiling and defending mode that does not stimulate the healing process as much as the opening, soft and relaxation state does.

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Relaxation happens as a side effect

Every session has a different aim. An aim is not a destination but a direction the treatment takes to move towards. It is flexible at all times. It depends on how you are feeling at the time, if there are any specific issues such as tension areas or pain or the wish to improve range of motion or to optimise performance in a specific sport, or to improve your balance, or whatever it is that you would like to work towards.

Relaxation happens as a result of a better organisation of the system. It is the perception of a better integrated whole where the parts are moving in relation to each other. You feel looser and softer and more connected because your nervous system has remembered that it doesnt need to make so much effort! 

I concentrate on quality

And not quantity. There is a limit on the number of treatments I can do per day because this type of work requires the therapist presence and undivided atention. It doesnt consist of formulaic manipulations that are repeated client after client. The treatments are tailored to your needs and thus, apart from exceptional circumstances I will not go over this limit. Should I do so, this would make me exhausted, unable to focus and would probably result in a session without any feeling or intent that would be a waste of our time and your money.


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I give you advice

Specific injuries or problems often progress faster if helped by some simple remedial exercises or Feldenkrais movement ideas that could be done between treatments. At times, as a qualified homeopath I can suggest some homeopathic remedy. Some clients are keen in receiving this feedbak to help their condition to heal faster. Other clients just prefer to come for treatments more regularly. 

My work is always in the context of a holistic approach

Dr. Ida Rolf said that many people can pull a body apart but not many can put it  back together again. It is possible to focus on a painful ankle or tight shoulder and give it some short term relief. However, long standing relief and optimum function can only happen when that ankle or that shoulder re-members to make friends and teams up with the rest of the body. When all the parts re-learn to act or move in relationship with each other.

That is where the principles of Structural Integration come in. Structural Integration provides a sophisticated rationale to reintegrate the body into a whole in an intelligent and organic manner.

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I use different body positions

You will be lying on a comfortable massage couch most of the time face up, face down, side lying, but sometimes I might work with you while you are sitting down and even standing up and walking. 

Every effort is made for you to have a pleasant and effective Bodywork experience and this is the main reason why I run a succesful manual therapy and massage practice in Crouch End North London!